Why Use a BHO Manager?

Why Use a BHO Manager?

Why use a BHO Manager?

Browser Helper Object (BHO) is a kind of plug-in designed by Microsoft to help allow applications unrestricted control over internet explorer. BHOs enhance your Internet experience by increasing the functionality of your browser. It enables users to enjoy flash games, read acrobat reader files, use online maps within the browser itself, and more importantly to install toolbars like Google or Yahoo. Simply put, BHOs are a great way for users to have a better and more interactive internet experience. 

The ability of BHO however has been abused by hackers and web programmers to access your personal information, hijack your homepage, and spy on your internet activities. Hence, it has evolved into a potential spyware that causes internet explorer errors. Some BHOs have spyware and malware attached to them, installing unwanted programs and compromising the privacy of your browser. This puts your personal information at risk and slows down your PC with unwanted applications, spyware, and even viruses. 

Leave your worries now! Our BHO Manager safely and effectively removes internet explorer errors caused by malicious BHOs. Just access our BHO Manager from the Advanced Tools menu found on the left side of the main window. 

What are BHOs?

BHOs are plug-ins to maximize functionality of your browser. Be it executing a flash file in Google or to displaying a new file format in Yahoo, name it; BHOs are making it all possible. 

However, this functionality is but misused by cyber criminals and/or web marketing firms. Ranging from collection of your browsing data, serious identity theft, loss of personal information, all these are made possible by malicious BHOs too. It further causes erratic behavior when you navigate the internet.  

Your important data and browsing privacy may be at risk due to toolbars and dialer software that install unnoticed spyware and malware ridden BHOs to your system. This enables unimportant applications to get launched, thus slowing the performance of your computer. 

Waste no time! Be on guard with these threats by using our absolutely safe and efficient BHO manager. Stop unwanted applications, perform management tasks, and keep your PC running on its peak performance! 

Our Solution – An Easy To Use BHO Manager

Risks caused by faulty and malicious BHOs include the habitual crash of your internet explorer browser. Continuously ignoring this problem will pose irreversible dangers to user’s system. That’s why our BHO manager is of prime importance in the management of your patches. Our ultra-advanced functionality efficiently stops unwanted and trouble-causing BHOs. Use our BHO manager and be empowered in removing malicious BHO safely sans advanced technical operation. 

Our BHO Manager can help protect your computer from malicious BHOs. BHO Manager can safely remove unwanted BHOs which cause Internet Explorer error without any changes in your browser settings. It also allows you to identify the applications bought in by BHOs, so you can start or stop individual applications at will. You control which applications you use, stopping spyware and malware before they do can any damage. 

Protect your PC! Make it more secure and efficient! Download ErrorTeck!

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