What is ActiveX?

What is ActiveX?

What is ActiveX?

ActiveX is an extension to Microsoft OLE technology and COM Technology that is typically used in interactive web-based applications such as virus scan. ActiveX objects are shared by other applications that share the same element and hangs on the Windows operating system. 

Example of ActiveX Control

Internet Explorer requires users to install a Flash ActiveX Control to enable flash files to play over the internet because such files cannot be played by the browser alone. Therefore Internet Explorer offers you to download Flash ActiveX Control. Flash ActiveX Control detects if a website has flash files then uses the flash player in your system to play flash files over Internet Explorer. The ActiveX components are downloadable and are used on the computer alone, but not on the server. It is shared by all other applications using the same component, malicious program included. Hence, it is always better to safeguard your system by disabling ActiveX programs autorun. 

Our Error Fix Tool wide scope includes the repair of these errors like IE script error, ActiveX control error, ActiveX plug-ins, ActiveX program error, ActiveX update error, ActiveX component, ActiveX download error, ActiveX file error, ActiveX object error, runtime error 429, and other similar related problems. 

Have an error free system by using our Error Fix Tool located in the Advanced Tools menu. Not only will your system be ActiveX error free, it will also be liberated from many other system errors. 

ActiveX Controls and Microsoft ActiveX Errors in Windows

Some common ActiveX Errors are those that display the following notifications: Internet Explorer Script Error, Runtime Error 429: ActiveX Component Can’t Create Object, “Your current security settings prohibit running ActiveX controls on this page”. 

Causes of ActiveX Errors

Common ActiveX errors are due to corrupted internet explorer files, erratic registry settings, or missing system files and .dll errors. MS ActiveX Errors may not be risky for the user’s system, but it could rouse irreversible file corruption and fatal system errors. Consequently, users will experience a reduced browsing experience quality. 

Repairing ActiveX Errors

Our Error Fix Tool is not limited to Microsoft ActiveX Errors alone but could extend its functionality to other ActiveX related problems. These problems may be web-based and can further lead to application crash. Our highly developed Error Fix Tool addresses these problems and efficiently repairs them to optimize your system’s performance. Error Fix Tool’s improved interface and easy to follow instructions allow all types of users to fix errors themselves without having to pay the usual PC store repairs charges! 

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