Uninstall Unwanted Programs

Uninstall Unwanted Programs

Uninstall Unwanted Programs

Download ErrorTeck and completely and securely uninstall unwanted programs and software from your computer. With Windows Add/Remove program, you can’t forcibly remove or uninstall unwanted software, hidden applications and leftover Registry keys. But with our Uninstaller, you safely and easily uninstall programs that Windows Add/Remove program can’t remove. Our method is faster, user friendly, and will give you complete control over your system. ErrorTeck is also capable of uninstalling all program files, registry entries, toolbars, file associations, shortcuts, startup items, and many other things that gets left behind by Windows Add/Remove program. Uninstalling unwanted programs becomes quicker, easier! Download now and absolutely and securely uninstall any of the unwanted applications and software from your system. 

Compare with Windows Add/Remove Program

 ErrorTeckWindows Add/Remove
Forcibly Uninstall ProgramsYesNo
Forcibly Remove Corrupted ApplicationsYesNo
Clean Windows RegistryGreatPoor
Display/Uninstall Hidden ApplicationYesNo
Show Details Of ApplicationGreatPoor
Uninstall SpeedGreatPoor

Why Use Our Uninstall Manager

Uninstalling programs through Windows uninstall utility may be a good idea, but it is never sufficient. That’s because traces of the uninstalled software such as its registry is hardly ever removed. ErrorTeck not only uninstall the program, it even eliminates the smallest trace of the application. 

Why Uninstall Programs from Your Computer

Programs to work properly in windows are not only have to copy their files into the file system, they are also required to create a system registry and other system dependencies like user files to enable the software to communicate with the operating system. Our Uninstall Manager program gives special attention to this problem in your operating system by forcibly uninstalling all traces of unwanted software quickly, completely, and safely. 

Unused and useless programs can create a lot of problems. They consume important hard disk space and memory. As a result, they eat away some of the processing power needed to install and run important applications, and slow down your computer. 

Over time, your computer becomes filled with applications you rarely use. The applications can be games, software utilities, screensavers, downloads, and much more. You have to uninstall these programs regularly to keep your computer performing efficiently. Some softwares are programmed in such a way that they are not easily uninstalled by Windows Add/Remove programs and any attempt to remove them can lead to uninstall failure. This requires you to look for specialized software to forcibly remove these programs from your operating system. 

Although Windows Add/Remove program does a decent job, it can’t uninstall and remove everything you don’t need. Some applications are hard to remove because they were programmed that way or its uninstaller became corrupted. Even if you manage to uninstall your unwanted programs, your registry won’t be completely cleaned. 

Our Uninstaller-An Easy Solution

With the Uninstaller of ErrorTeck, you can perform quick and complete uninstalls of software that even Windows Add/Remove can’t remove. With ErrorTeck, you can be certain that all traces of your software will be completely removed. If a program can’t be removed with our normal uninstaller than you can use ErrorTeck’s unique Forced Uninstaller function. 

Our highly developed Uninstall Manager promises your PCs speedy performance by successfully removing hidden files, file associations, toolbars, startup items, shortcuts, registry key entry, and every tiny bit of traces of your unwanted software. You will also be able to get detailed application information so you don’t “accidentally” uninstall important programs. Download now and take advantage of our Uninstaller from the Advanced Tools menu situated at the left side of the main window. 

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