Spyware: The Most Effective Apps for Spying on Your Android

Spyware: The Most Effective Apps for Spying on Your Android

Spyware: The Most Effective Apps for Spying on Your Android Device

The best smartphone spying app – mSpy

mSpy is the third best among smartphone tracking and spyware apps. The developer is a well-known reliable company. It is possible to spy on the actions of another user either by jailbreaking or without hacking the firmware at all.
If you decide to spy without jailbreaking, all you have to do is give your smartphone user’s Apple ID and iCloud password to access it. You can also easily hide the mSpy app after installing it on the target phone.

Key Features
1. Location tracking. You can watch in real time where the smartphone you’re tracking is located. You can also mark dangerous areas and get notifications the moment the owner of the device enters them.
2. Multimedia viewing. The app allows you to watch videos, pictures and other files that are in the phone owner’s gallery at any time. This is especially useful if you think your child is saving inappropriate content.
3. Keylogger. The app records all button presses by the owner. This information can be used to get passwords from social networks. Then you can log into the account in person and examine it in more detail.

How to monitor someone else’s smartphone without the owner’s knowledge

Step 1: Register yourself in mSpy.
Step 2: For Android – get root rights on the target phone and install mSpy.
Step 3: For jailbroken iPhone – get access to your iPhone, jailbreak it, then install the app.
Step 4: For non-jailbroken iPhones – just enter your Apple ID and iCloud password of interest.
Step 5: Go to the control panel and get any information you are interested in.

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Spyzie review, features and user reviews

WARNING: Spyzie has stopped working and is no longer updated. We suggest you pay attention to other monitoring applications presented in our rating, namely: Cocospy, Spyic, iKeyMonitor and FlexiSPY.

Spyzie is rapidly gaining popularity among users around the world. Featuring great functionality and affordability, Spyzie allows you to gain remote access to someone else’s phone without much trouble.
Important: The application is only available in English. However, even a minimum knowledge of the language at the level of the school program will be enough for monitoring.

Great app for smartphone surveillance #2 – Spyzie

Spyzie is one of the cheapest spyware and most practical surveillance apps. It has almost all the functionality of Cocospy. However, it is not in first place, but in second place – for the reason that it is not as reliable as Cocospy, and Spyzie has fewer good reviews.
Nevertheless, Spyzie has one feature that makes this program unique. As soon as you install Spyzie on your target phone, the icon will automatically be deleted. You don’t have to worry – it won’t be there right away.
This is very convenient because it eliminates the human factor. With another application, you can forget about deleting the shortcut, which will lead to not the best consequences. With this one, there will be no error.

1. Read call history and deleted messages. Full access to call history – including call time and duration of conversation. Also – complete information about the contact. You can read all messages, including deleted ones.
2. Read browser history. You can see at any time what sites the owner of the smartphone visited, as well as what was saved in the bookmarks section.
3. WhatsApp messages. You can read all of the user’s WhatsApp messages. Even if he deletes sent messages, Spyzie will definitely save copies so you can read them. Viewing of forwarded media files is also available.
4. Block apps. If you don’t want the owner of your smartphone to be able to use certain apps, you can just take and ban them. A very handy feature for parents who would like to keep track of their child.
5. Keylogger. A very handy feature that allows access to the smartphone owner’s passwords. With them, you will be able to log into his social media accounts by yourself.

How to track your smartphone for free
1. Create an account at spyzie. com.
2. During the installation, specify the data about the owner of the smartphone.
3. For iPhone – jailbreak the iPhone and install the Spyzie application on it.
4. For Android, get root rights and install the Spyzie app.
5. Now you can go to the Spyzie control panel and start snooping.

Cell Tracker

Designed to monitor an object using a satellite.
The program is good because it can track the object you are looking for, even if his GPS is turned off.
After downloading and activation, you will be asked how best to display the information.
You can set that all would be displayed on the map, the other option – the information is shown as a list of points on the screen.
If you set the first way, the phone will use more resources. But the information he transmits in a more comprehensible form.

The utility can be downloaded absolutely free. It is supported by a built-in advertising clip.
The main functional duty is the calculation of all points of movement, which visited the user for the day.
On the map, the user’s movement is represented as sections of red. If you click on them, the screen will display similar information about the place, which was visited.

If the GPS on the gadget is not active, the location will not be displayed as accurately. The variation is acceptable within a hundred meters.
In the rating of users, the utility takes the first place, as it is very easy to use, quite accurate, when determining the coordinates and is available absolutely free of charge.

Great Application for Smartphone Surveillance #3 – Cocospy

Cocospy is the best app for spying on someone else’s phone on the market. It is actively used by millions of users in 190 countries and is considered the best program for good reason.
Cocospy is fully legal and is produced by a company that has a perfect reputation. Once the application is installed, its icon can be removed, making the program completely invisible.
Cocospy works completely invisibly and has almost no effect on battery consumption, so it is almost impossible to track its activity. This spyware app is also mentioned in the list of the best apps for tracking a cheating spouse.
Special features:

Social media monitoring. Cocospy allows you to monitor activity in various social networks and messengers – Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp. You can read all sent messages, view contacts, etc.

Keylogger. One of the most interesting features of Cocospy. With its help, you can find out what buttons the user presses. With this, you can record other people’s passwords – and independently enter the user’s accounts in social networks.

Geofencing. In Cocospy, you can set boundaries for the smartphone owner. If the user crosses them, you will immediately get a notification. A great way to track another person’s movements.

Сall history. You can get full access to the user’s call history. You will know where he called, how many conversations he had, as well as get detailed information about the contact.

How to monitor someone else’s smartphone without touching it (only for iPhones)

1. First, buy mSpy for your phone or computer. You can choose one of three subscription options – Basic, Premium or Family. For spying on one smartphone, the Basic version is enough. To spy on three at once – take the Family.
2. A link to the control panel will be sent to your email. Now you need to configure the application. When the opportunity arises, select an iPhone without jailbreak.
3. Now you can enter the Apple ID and iCloud password of the user of interest.

How to figure out if your phone is infected

  • Detecting a spyware app without antivirus is difficult. Indirect signs of an infected device:
  • Reduced battery life.
  • You can analyze the battery consumption in “Settings – Device Maintenance – Battery”.
  • Unclear where mobile Internet traffic is going.
  • You can check the traffic consumption through “Settings – Connections – Mobile data usage”.

Appearance of advertising messages in Android interface

Most often this happens after the installation of applications from dubious sources. In this case, you can advise to delete recently installed applications.

Great Android Surveillance App #4 – FlexiSPY.

FlexiSPY is one of the best surveillance apps out there. It has many interesting features. For example, you can intercept someone else’s phone call and record it. This gives you the power of eavesdropping so you can always know what they’re talking about.

You can also record calls – for example, to show them as evidence in the future. The Extreme version of the app includes a password cracker. You can easily find out any login data for social networks.

You can also use your smartphone’s microphone as a listening device – with it, you will hear everything that happens near the owner.

In addition to this, FlexiSpy has standard functions – reading messages, tracking calls, recording typed characters. The only reason why the program is only in fourth place is that it costs more than all the others.

Great smartphone tracking app #5 – XNSPY

XNSPY is a powerful and useful smartphone tracking utility. It boasts a great set of features, and the price is adequate.
It is very easy to install. There are a lot of functions – location tracking, access to messages and emails. You can listen to real-time phone calls and use your smartphone’s microphone to find out what’s going on nearby.
You can also use the program to monitor activity on social networks and messengers – VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram, Viber, WhatsApp and others.
Read the review on XNSPY .

Great smartphone tracking software #6 – Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is the cheapest and most effective surveillance app on the market. It is inferior to some other programs in terms of functionality and does not have advanced features like keylogging
However, with this program you can monitor activity in social networks and messengers – Vkontakte, Facebook, Telegram, Viber and many others. You can also use the application to track five different devices at once.
The biggest drawback of this program is that it is not compatible with iOS devices. So only Android smartphones can be hacked.

Hidden admin device detector
If you’re looking for a free malware detection app, then your search is over. Administrator Hidden Device Detector has a powerful scanning tool that can help in detecting malware that is hiding from the user. There is a malicious application that is hiding, so we can’t identify them, but this application can quickly recognize them all.


– Security and antivirus
– Junk file cleaner
– Gas pedal
– Anti-virus

Price : free

– Effective solution to remove malware
– Impressive and handy application

– The app should have an update as soon as possible

Great smartphone tracking app #7 – iKeyMonitor

iKeymonitor is a great surveillance app that can be recommended to caring parents. It has many features and works with both iOS and Android. But it is best used as a keylogger – to record passwords and everything that the child types on the phone.
In addition to this function, the app can record calls, save messages, monitor social networks, give out browser history, record location, and more.

Cocospy review and real reviews

Cocospy is an Android and iOS device monitoring app that provides all the features you need to keep track of your kids and employees with 10 years of experience.
Cocospy is a trusted spy app for tracking and surveillance. Cocospay tracker has caught the attention of well-known media outlets such as Forbes and the New York Times, receiving favorable reviews in them.

Cocospy app compatibility
The spy app is compatible with Android and ıPhone devices. You can check a full demonstration of the app by visiting the official website.

Great smartphone spy app #8 – Copy9

Copy9 is a very simple and effective smartphone snooping app, but it only works on Android. Compatible with all devices on this OS, available from any browser. User support is available 24/7.
One of the best features of this application is that you can install it on your target phone in just three minutes. As for the functions, there are more than 30. You can read messenger messages, sent SMS, track your phone’s location.
The app also allows you to record ambient sounds and receive incoming calls remotely. There is a two-day trial version of the program.

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