Resolve Common Computer Problems with System Restore

Resolve Common Computer Problems with System Restore

Resolve Common Computer Problems with System Restore

Have you ever made a change to your PC and instantly wished you hadn’t? From poorly written programs to malfunctioning hardware, we have all been in this position. The PC that worked perfectly before the change now sputters, crashes and refuses to work properly. Don’t you wish you could go back in time – to before you installed that program or plugged in that new piece of hardware? 

You can – thanks to a handy piece of software called System Restore. This extremely useful program requires no additional expenditure – it is built into the Windows XP operating system. System Restore provides computer users with the ability to take their computers back in time – to a time before the problems started happening. This feature is easy to use, and it can be remarkably effective. So if your PC has started acting strangely after a piece of software or hardware was installed it may be time to give System Restore a try. 

System Restore can be started in a number of different ways depending on the severity of the problem. If the PC will not boot up normally, press F8 while it is starting and choose Safe Mode from the list of choices. PCs that will not start in normal mode will often boot into Safe Mode, since fewer features are being loaded and fewer system resources are required. 

After the PC has booted into Safe Mode it will present an option to run System Restore. Simply follow the prompts, choose a restore point dated before the problems started happening and off you go. The PC will reboot, the restore will complete and hopefully the problems will be resolved. 

System Restore can also be launched from within Windows XP. To launch the program in this way simply click on the Start button, choose All Programs and point to Accessories. Once on the Accessories menu choose System Tools and then System Restore. From there it is just a matter of choosing a good restore point and following the prompts. Again the PC will restart and once it does you will have the option to accept or decline the restore. 

While this procedure is not a cure all for every computer woe, it can be a lifesaver in many ways. It is not at all uncommon for a newly installed piece of hardware or software to wreak havoc, and System Restore provides an easy and fast way to undo the damage. Any computer owner whose PC is showing sudden problems should at least consider using System Restore as part of their troubleshooting routine. 

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