Is Windows 7 Better Than Vista or XP?

Is Windows 7 Better Than Vista or XP?

Is Windows 7 Better Than Vista or XP?

Microsoft released Windows 7 on July 22, 2009 and the system has been available for retail purchase since October 2009. The latest version of the Windows operating system is generating much discussion among computer experts as the inevitable comparisons with Windows Vista and Windows XP occur.  


Windows 7 is available in six different editions, including Professional, Home Premium, Starter, Ultimate, Enterprise, and OEM. Of these Professional, Home Premium, and Ultimate editions are available for retail sale in most countries. All editions support IA-32 or 32-bit and 64-bit processor architecture. Only the Home Basic and Starter editions do not support 64-bit processor architecture. 


You can install Windows 7 in many ways. You can do the installation in half an hour. You can upgrade from Windows XP or Vista. XP users should take a backup of existing data and thereafter choose Custom from install disc. Select hard drive partition with Windows XP and follow given instructions for successful installation. It will save your older data in Windows old folder. Vista users can upgrade to Windows 7 from install disc after creating backup of data. 

Taskbar and Aero Peek

The new taskbar is definitely better than the Mac OS X Dock. This innovative feature on Microsoft Windows 7 has translucent Aero style incorporating large and user-friendly icons. 

Focus the mouse on any one preview and you can view all programs under this preview. Move the mouse over any one of the preview panels and you get an ‘X’ to close window. If you move over the preview, you see a full-size preview of entire program. This Windows edition will prove easy to use if you are accustomed to touch-screen. 

Jump lists are an improvement over the earlier taskbar. Click or drag on any program icon to see all recent files and folders. Move the mouse over the right corner of taskbar to reveal all desktop icons. You can easily resize programs. Drag any program window to top of monitor and you can view it full-screen. Dragging it away from the top will shrink it to its original size.  

Windows Media Player and Device

This feature allows you to stream media files across the Internet, from one Windows 7 computer to another, and out of the network. All functions are simple and extremely user-friendly. The mini-mode is very sleek. This is a good improvement over the Vista version, although sometimes it is difficult to see the controls. The touch-screen features are fine, but the hardware sometimes misreads different signals like zooming or rotating the image. 


Microsoft Windows 7 offers easy user account control features. Default setting informs you of any changes to computer settings due to specific programs. You then have to reconfirm all user information. This will not cause any auto-run of USB keys or external hard drives when connected. This prevents many malware infections, a cause of serious security concern, common in earlier editions. 


This edition offers you greater support than XP or Vista. If you access an already in-use file, system informs file location immediately for easy management. It retains improved features of Vista like one-click action handholding, screen darkening, and question mark icon on all Explorer windows.  


Windows 7 works similar to XP for iTunes encoding, takes more time to boot than Vista or XP and is slower in performance speed. Windows 7 is the fastest in shutting down. Program launching, dragging icons or files, and the operating control panel are much faster than XP. 

Windows 7 is a definite improvement over Vista. While the performance level does not match that of XP, the improvements Windows 7 offers will ensure the operating system becomes exceedingly popular as more people upgrade. 

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