Improved Apple Service Will Help Find a Stolen iPhone

Improved Apple Service Will Help Find a Stolen iPhone

Stealing iPhones and Macbooks will be useless. And even dangerous.

In iOS 13 and macOS Catalina, Apple has replaced the Find iPhone app and Find Friends with a single Find My app. In addition to the new interface, it is also different in that it searches for lost devices, even if they are not connected to the Internet.

How it works

Apple devices that will be near your lost device will “catch” its Bluetooth signal, encrypt and send to iCloud, from where you will receive a notice. This raises the question of security, because it will be possible to track any device via Bluetooth, but it’s not that simple: it’s Apple, which cares a lot about privacy.

Are you sure no one will know where I am?

Exactly. Apple uses an end-to-end encrypted algorithm to track the signal of a lost device. You’ll need a second device with your Apple ID to get the location decryption key. Two-factor authentication must also be enabled on two devices. The key is constantly changing and cannot be tracked, only seen with your own eyes.

The neighboring device that notices your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook via Bluetooth is not interacting with you in any way. It receives the signal, checks its location, and encrypts the data using a public key taken from the lost device. The key does not contain any identifying information.

The main advantages of the new application are

  1. Finding the device will be easier. Often those who find the iPhone, first of all they turn off the Internet on it, but now it will not help;
  2. Data about the location will only be available to you. All thanks to an encrypted algorithm.

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