Definition of Run Time and Runtime Errors

Definition of Run Time and Runtime Errors

Definition of Run Time and Runtime Errors

Before an application can be executed on an operating system, it goes through compilation in order for the file to be executable. These files are compiled into what is called as a “runtime library.” The application can now be executed on any computer with settings that were specified for the application. In order for an application to run effectively, certain requirements must be met.

There must be sufficient amount of memory, sufficient drive space, operating system compatibility and the computer must meet the minimum processing power required by the program. Runtime (others call it Run Time) refers to the operation of a program from start to finish, an application’s “running period.” In other words, Runtime is the total time consumed by an application or a program from the moment is launched to the moment it is terminated. 

A runtime error is a warning message or alert raised by the operating system when an application encounters problems that hamper the normal execution of its functionalities. A runtime error often results in either program shutdown or system freeze. In case the cause of the runtime error poses a threat to modify or damage system files, the system freezes to prevent it from happening. When you encounter a Runtime Error 7 it means the program you are running doesn’t have enough memory. Runtime Error 53 means a dll file is missing in the program. 

There are many things that can cause a runtime error. The most common cause is low system memory; which itself can be caused by virus or malware. Software with malicious code can eat up system resources leaving you with less system memory for your applications. Hardware errors and dll errors can also cause runtime errors due to their interdependence on the operating system. 

Unlike other errors, runtime are designated numerically to identify what kinds of errors occurred. For instance, Runtime error 91 means there is a missing or unregistered dll or ocx file or that a registry key is corrupted, Runtime error 424 means a Microsoft access or office error. 

Some of the most Common Runtime Errors:

Runtime Error 7
Runtime Error 91
Runtime Error 52
Runtime Error 6
Runtime Error 13
Runtime Error 9
Runtime Error 21
Runtime Error 339
Runtime Error 424
Runtime Error 429
Runtime Error 229
Runtime Error 48
Vb Script Runtime Error
Runtime Error 53
Runtime Error 75
Runtime Error 401
Runtime Error 68
Runtime Error 76
Runtime Error R6025
Runtime Error 217
Runtime Error 216
Runtime Error 380
Runtime Error 432
Runtime Error 430
Runtime Error 521

What Is a Runtime Error?

In simple words, runtime error is an error that is raised by an operating system because of the some problem that forces it to stop the normal execution of a program or software application. Almost every time, a runtime error is either followed by a program shutdown or by a system freeze. While the execution of a program is taking place, if the operating system faces a situation where the execution of the program needs to be stopped, the operating system reacts by raising a runtime error and closing the program. In case the cause of the runtime error poses to cause damage to system files, operating system resorts to freezing system resources so as to curtail the damage to the system files. 

Fixing Runtime Errors!

Finding the cause for runtime errors can be very difficult to determine, especially if you’re a beginner. Run time errors have many possible underlying causes, in addition to all the other errors that arise from those causes and from the runtime errors themselves. You can try looking for tutorials on the Internet to find way on how manually fix runtime errors. But you need to know the exact cause of your error in order to repair it. Plus, if you don’t really know what you’re doing, you could end up causing irreparable damage on your computer. 

But with our software, you don’t have to worry about manually repairing this error or damaging your system. Just install our software and it automatically looks out all types of errors, not just runtime errors, presents these errors to you for you to fix all or select which you want to fix. This is all done automatically, all with single mouse click, and it won’t damage your operating system. It’s a safe, fast and efficient way to fix computer errors before the damage your computer completely. And the best thing about our software is that it has an automatic registry back-up system, which allows you to revert back any changes in case something goes wrong. 

Our tool does not only fix runtime errors and all its underlining causes, it works great on removing other system related errors too! Go ahead and take advantage of our Error Fix Tool and keep your PC up and running fast and without errors! 

Download now and find out what it feels like to run an error free computer system!

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