Choosing a Web Browser

Choosing a Web Browser

Choosing a Web Browser

There are a lot of web browsers out there to choose from and, for less experienced users, the decision can be difficult. The three most popular browsers for Windows are Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. Internet Explorer 9 is bundled with Windows 7 and, because of this, may people use it instead of bothering to try out something new.

All of the web browsers out there have their own set of advantages and disadvantages and you should first consider what is most important for you. Before you choose a browser, consider your priorities. Are you interested in improved security, greater browsing speed or wider compatibility with the latest web technologies? One thing that you should never use is an outdated web browser. Always use a web browser that is in active development and is constantly updated. Using older browsers is bad for security. Following is an overview of the three most popular browsers for Windows. 

1 – Microsoft Internet Explorer 

There is only one reason which makes Microsoft Internet Explorer the world’s most popular browser. This is because it is included with all versions of Windows as the default browser. Although Internet Explorer has improved a lot over the years, many people quickly get tired of it. Compared to Chrome and Firefox, Internet Explorer is considerably slower to start up and having large numbers of tabs open can greatly slow down your computer. There are relatively few add-ons available as well. If you’re using Windows XP or earlier, you should definitely not be using Internet Explorer since the current version does not work on older operating systems. 

2 – Mozilla Firefox 

Although it’s changed its name frequently, Mozilla Firefox has been in production since 1994 in one form or another. Out of the most popular web browsers, Firefox is also the only open source one. Because of this, many programmers have rewritten Firefox to provide extra features and customizations. 
Firefox also provides the largest number of add-ons and some of the best security options of any web browser. Thanks to Firefox being open source, it tends to support newer technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 sooner as well. There are, however, many features that Firefox does not support. 

3 – Google Chrome 

Google Chrome has only been on the scene since 2008, making it by far the newest browser available. In spite of this, the web browser quickly became extremely popular and is now the third most popular browser in the world. It might not look like the prettiest web browser available due to its minimalist interface, but it does provide a wide range of advantages. It is exceptionally easy to use and in integrates very well with Google’s other services. It provides an easy search function from the address bar, spell checking, tabbed browsing and a start screen with tiles linking to your most frequently visited sites. Chrome has also consistently beaten every other web browser in most aspects of performance, making it the fastest browser available. 

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